Super Flight

Looking for something fun, thrilling and exciting for all ages to do in Miami? Checkout Super Flight in Jungle Island! This sky diving like experience is a great addition to any Miami vacation, team building activity or just something to do for South Florida residents.

How to get to Super Flight

Super Flight is conveniently located just outside of Jungle Island on the causeway towards South Beach, open Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 7pm and Friday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm.

You do not need to purchase tickets to Jungle Island to experience Super Flight, though I highly recommend you checkout Jungle Island while you’re there, it’s another fantastic activity for kids and adults! Parking for Super Flight is available within the Jungle Island garage for US$10, there is a public lot near the water front but it is a bit more expensive at US$15.

Who can participate in Super Flight?

Kids as young as four can fly at Super Flight, you don’t need any experience to participate! If you do have any injuries, are pregnant or weigh more than 285lbs you unfortunately won’t be able to fly. More information on flying restrictions can be found on the Super Flight website.

How does Super Flight work?

I recommend making an appointment for your Super Flight experience to ensure you get the flight time you’d like, particularly if you are visiting with a big group, you can do this easily on their website. Once you enter Super Flight you will instantly notice the amazing customer service and friendly staff! They are not only extremely experienced at what they do but they explain each step of the journey clearly, answering any questions you may have along the way. Even though you’re about to jump into a wind tunnel with 120 mph winds, this team will make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times!

The entire experience will take you about 40 minutes with an easy 3 step process and each group getting personalized service, you will not be put into a big group of people and have an experienced instructor dedicated to your group.

Step 1: Sign an electronic waiver

Lap tops are provided for you to read and sign the waiver. However, a copy of the waiver is available on their website if you’d like to read and sign it before your arrive. I recommend you go ahead and sign the document in advance and arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled flight time to start the check in process.

Step 2:  Watch a 3 minute safety video

This safety video will give tips on making your flight a fun and comfortable experience! Some of the key tips include, keeping your legs straight, chin up and most of all relax. After all, you are there to enjoy the experience! The instructor will also demonstrate on a table the body position you should have during the flight. Don’t be afraid to get on the table and try out the position yourself! Practice makes perfect right? You’ll also get a chance to do some stretching and warm up for your flight, this will feel like a workout when you’re done, I was out of breath!

The hardest thing for me to remember from this was the hand signals, these signals are how you and the flying instructor will communicate in the wind tunnel. You will also be asked to remove all of your jewelry for the flight, lockers are provided to store all your things.

Step 3: Gear up!

All equipment will be provided for your Super Flight experience. You will get to pick from a purple or blue jump suit, of course I picked purple, my favorite color! They will also provide shoes (unless you bring your own sneakers), hair nets, helmets and ear plugs (the wind tunnel is super loud!) and safety goggles.

Step 4: Time to fly!

Once everyone has geared up, you will take a short walk with your instructor over to the Super Flight dome. Don’t forget to bring your phone, you are able to take photos and videos while your friends are flying! Depending on the option you purchase, you will get anywhere from 2-4 minutes of flying time. More information on pricing can be found on the Super Flight website. I recommend starting off with 4 minutes of flying time to really get a full experience!

Want to see more of our Super Flight experience? Checkout this vLog by Roger B Stillz!